h20 medigel

MediGel® FBZ

MediGel FBZ, Barrier Packed is a ready to use hydration gel with  Fenbendazole for the treatment of pinworm. It is flavor-enhanced for ease of medication delivery.

Recommended Usage:  1- 4oz cup up to 5 mice/2rats, given every 3 days.  Note:  With higher air exchange rates, provide 1 cup every two days.


Available In:
74-01-5042 4 oz (112g) cup (72 Units/Case)
69-534-08 8 oz (227g) (55units/case)

MediGel® Sucralose

MediGel Sucralose is a Barrier Packed non-wetting sucralose flavored, low calorie water gel designed to administer medication to your research animal. The sweetener masks medication taste, like a spoon full of sugar! 


Available In:
74-02-5022 2 oz (56g) cup (96 Units/Case)

MediGel® CPF

MediGel®CPF is a Barrier Packed dietary supplement with Carprofen, for pain management. Readily consumed to ensure an effective dose of 5mg/kg/day

Recommended Usage:  1- 2oz cup up to 5 mice/2rats given no less than 24 hours before surgery, provide 1 additional cup after surgery.  Add additional cups as needed for post-op recovery.

Available In:
74-05-5022 2oz (56g) cup (96 Units/Case)

MediGel® TMS

MediGel TMS is a ready to use hydration gel with the antibiotic combination Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim for rodents.

Available In:
69-531-04 4 oz cup (112g) 72 Units/Case